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The module for treatment and rehabilitation adopted by Muskan Foundation is based on Therapeutic Community Model supported by Homoeopathic medicines, naturopathy and Yoga. The TC for the treatment of addictions is defined as follows: “A therapeutic community is a drug free environment in which people with addictive problems live together in an organized and structured way in order to promote change and make possible a drug free life in the outside society. The therapeutic community forms a miniature society in which residents, and the staff in the role of facilitators, fulfill distinctive roles and adhere to clear rules, all designed to promote the transitional process of the residents.” The main goal of this programme is to provide the patients a conducive environment for best possible recovery opportunities. The patients learn the roles and responsibility simultaneously with learning the skills for a drug free life. The programme also involves:

1. Medical Detoxification: - Medical Detoxification is a process whereby individuals are systematically withdrawn from addicting drugs in an inpatient or outpatient setting, typically under the care of a psychiatrist, clinical psychologist, trained physician and supportive staff. Detoxification is sometimes called a distinct treatment modality but is more appropriately considered a precursor of treatment, because it is designed to treat the acute psycho-physiological effects of stopping drug use. Medications are available for detoxification from opiates, nicotine, benzodiazepines, alcohol, barbiturates, and other sedatives. In some cases, particularly for the last three types of drugs, detoxification may be a medical necessity, and untreated withdrawal may be medically dangerous or even fatal.

2. Medical Management: - Medical checkup is a daily activity by the experts from Psychiatry, Medicines, Gastro and Homoeopathy. Help from other experts like Surgery, Chest Physician, ENT, Skin, Orthopedics and dentist has been taken as per the need.

3. Individual, Group and Family Counseling: - Each patient who has been treated as an in-patients case has been provided with regular individual counseling and group sessions on different aspects of drug abuse and alcoholism. Information was provided to family members as well.

4. Spiritual sessions / Bhajans: - Regular monthly bhajan sessions were organized with the help of “Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organization” and “Art of Living”. Daily aarti session is being organized by the patient. Regular spiritual sessions have been conducted by “Brahma Kumari”.

5. Yoga and Meditation: - It’s a daily one hour activity conducted by highly trained and expert staff from Pitanjali Yog Peeth which is very beneficial for the mind, body and soul of the patients.

6. Session on HIV/AIDS, STDs and Tuberculosis: - Regular sessions on various aspects of prevention of HIV/AIDS, TB, Sexually transmitted infections as well as bad impact of smoking and tobacco were conducted for patients.

7. Other session :- as per T. C. Model some other are conducted like morning meeting, daily input session, encounter session, appreciation session etc

8. Celebration:- All the festivals, National and International Day were celebrated with the patients. These include Holi, Diwali, Eid, Independence Day, Republic Day, Christmas, World AIDS Day (Commemoration), World No Tobacco Day and International day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking etc.

9. Discharge Ceremony: - Discharge ceremony programme has been organized for each patient who has taken complete treatment. This is indeed a strong motivating factor for other patients to complete the treatment programme. Last but not the least, the treatment module of Muskan Foundation is based on the Therapeutic Community Model integrated with Indian values.

It is a great pleasure for me to introduce myself as a victim of the disease so called alcoholism .. ...
I was desperately waiting for nothing short of death and was ready to accept it when I was admitted in. .....
I would like to pay my special thanks to the efforts you and your team to change the life of an animal into a human being ----.......Sachin read more