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Best NGO Awarded to Muskan Foundation

The Dwarka City Newspaper awarded the Best NGO Awarded to Muskan Foundation under the Torch Bearer of Dwarka at a guttering award distribution ceremony held in November 2010 at the CCRT auditorium of sector-7 Dwarka.

This is a matter of great pride for MUSKAN FOUNDATION that its services as an NGO dedicated to the eradication of drug addiction and alcoholism have been so appreciated. The award of being the BEST NGO given to Muskan is befitting the work carried out by it.

Muskan Foundation is a registered non-governmental organization working extensively in the field of drug de-addiction & rehabilitation, HIV/AIDS awareness for prevention, care giving facilities for people living with HIV/AIDS.

Ascertained in 2003, Muskan Foundation is pioneered by the talismanic, dynamic and dedicated team of medical and paramedical professionals. The team also includes recovery addicts enjoying sobriety of promising period.

Vision : A humane, healthy and drug free society.

Mission: To build a healthy and drug independent society through awareness, counselling, detoxification, rehabilitation and other medical and social services.

In the last 14 years of recovery, I slowly, steadily and respectfully gained everything that I had lost during the period of addiction, except my father and daughter. In today’s date, nothing happens in my home town or in my family without consulting me first, to gain consent and advice. At the venues where I am privileged enough to facilitate sessions in workshops, trainings and conferences, within the audience are often people such as senior police officers, judiciary, medical professionals or political figures who would have never even considered being associated with me or may have been more involved in putting me behind bars. I was recently instrumental in helping my mother’s treatment conducted by an internationally famed cardiologist in hospital for heart disease, especially with regards to financial assistance, whereas during active addiction I was nothing but a burden on my family, never being in a position to help any of my family members....Hemant read more